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Project: Innovative platform to support search and semantic inference processes based on a self-learning model synthesizing intermodal unstructured data.

Grant agreement no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0469/20-00 dated 31.05.2021

The aim of the project is to carry out R&D and pre-implementation work leading to the development of a new product - an innovative platform for supporting semantic search and inference processes on the basis of a self-learning model synthesizing intermodal unstructured data.

The end result will be a developed prototype of a system allowing easy and intuitive retrieval of information in collections of unstructured documents. The system will provide higher search efficiency than competitive solutions thanks to, among other things, contextual retrieval of information from the graphic layer of documents, the use of images as an integral part of the executed query, and the semantic representation of the content collected in the repository, combining ontologies and deep learning models. In addition, thanks to the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods, the user's communication with the system will be conducted in natural language, which will reduce barriers to the use of the system and allow it to be used, for example, in chat-bot solutions. It is also planned to introduce multifaceted automated analysis of associations between documents, taking into account their internal structure and adaptive adjustment of the system based on feedback received from the user and placed in the document repository.

Value of the Project
The total amount of eligible expenses is PLN 3,853,884.51.

European Funds' contribution
The maximum amount of funding - the contribution of European Funds - is PLN 2,543,251.22, which is 60% of the total eligible expenditure.