Data Governance 
& Business Inetlligence

We provide and implement enterprise-wide business data management solutions.

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Turn data into decisions

We work with companies of all sizes to extract knowledge from data, turn it into insights, and apply it to gain competitive advantage. Accurate information at the right time is the first step to making better data-driven business decisions.

We provide and implement Data Governance and Business Intlligence class solutions related to enterprise-wide business data management.

We offer solutions that help companies collect, catalog, integrate, cleanse, enrich and effectively use data from various sources in one central and structured data space.

We provide services in:

• data mining, analysis, reporting and visualization.

• creation of interactive dashboards

and reports.

• implementing analytical tools for forecasting and planning.

• designing and implementing data warehouses.

Find a solution to your challenges related to data

We offer innovative enterprise technology solutions, tailor-made and specific to different industries.

Data quality management
Master data management
Data warehouses and Big data

Ready-made products

A comprehensive solution for monitoring data flow, detecting anomalies, and measuring and improving data and process quality.

A centralized repository that provides a reliable source of primary data necessary for effective business operations.

The solution enables analysis, filtering and scrambling of multidimensional reports in real time.


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What makes us unique?

We have our own range of proprietary products and the application of technologies and solutions from IT market leaders.

We have many years of experience and competent experts.

Flexibility in relation to the needs and capabilities of the customer - (personalization of solutions).

Honesty, integrity, reliability and long-term cooperation with customers.


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We help monetize data.


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